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Review - Hack-O-Lantern!

Posted by Loonie Cryptos on

Hack-O-Lantern (aka Death Mask, aka Halloween Night, aka The Damning) is a truly bizarre film and amazing film. Low-budget, cheesy and totally 80s, it has everything you've come to know and love about the straight-to-video horror days. Satanic cults, partying teens, a cool mask, nudity and a rocking hair band soundtrack.
So yeah, sounds pretty standard. You've seen this all before right? Well not quite like this! Hack-O-Lantern tells the story of Tommy a young boy, enthralled with his eccentric grandpa (Hy Pyke), but forbidden to see him. You see, grandpa's up to some weird shit.
Like weird satanic shit.
We flash forward to Tommy as an adult, still living at home with his mother and sister. As Halloween Night approaches he becomes increasingly distant and aggressive. His family desperately tries to communicate with him and convince the brother (now the town sheriff) to intervene.

Now Halloween, the young people are partying and enjoying themselves. But a killer in a mask begins to terrorize the small town. Tommy's girlfriend is murdered and others begin tuning up dead. As all of this is happening, grandpa and his cult have begun a satanic ritual in his barn.
The movie comes to a head as Tommy's family attempts to save him from the influences of his grandpa and stop the ritual. What happens next was a very satisfying twist, that I really didn't see coming.
A true gem of a cult film, check out Hack-O-Ween if you've never seen it. Just don't take it to seriously and watch out for Grandpa!

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