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Milicent Patrick Rules - 2-Sided Black Shirt

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Designer and illustrator Milicent Patrick is the mother of monsters, responsible for giving life to the 1954 “Gill-Man” from THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, and a woman whose legacy has sadly been either buried or ignored…until now. Celebrate the contributions of not only Milicent Patrick–but all women in horror–with this exciting new collaborative effort between Lunar Crypt Co. and the Teenage Werewolves Horror Film Fiend Club. This, dear Fiends, is horror education at its most fashionable.

Inspired, of course, by the MONSTER SQUAD, this is a t-shirt for monster-kids everywhere…for die hard fans of monsters and the people who make them. Milicent Patrick remains the only woman to have designed an iconic monster, and this shirt is intended to celebrate all those under-represented women in the industry whose contributions can no longer be ignored. This is one for the creature-creators, the mask-makers, the sculptors, and all those folks on-set but off-camera, whether suit-performing, rigging squibs, or laying hair on lovable latex monstrosities. This is also one for those of us that simply live our lives in the Black Lagoon each and every day, worshipping at that arcane altar of the greatest creature suit ever made. Period. Perfectly timed for anniversary of the Creature's wide 1954 3-D release, be sure to capture your "Milicent Patrick Rules " shirt today!

Screen printed on high quality, super soft 100% ring-spun cotton, these unisex Tultex shirts have been lovingly dredged up from the Black Lagoon.

-Two-sided design available in XS - 3XL

-100% ringspun cotton shirts by Tultex…super soft and ultra spooky

-Available for preorder only, and only for a limited time! Production time is projected at a two-week turnaround, and expected to ship during the last week of March 2019

Don’t be fooled by the online bootleggers who claim to be world-renowned ichthyologists…they steal art, use poor quality digital printing, and peddle the cheapest of garments. This was lovingly designed and printed locally by tender, scaly hands. Help keep the independent spirit alive by supporting artists and small businesses, Fiends…and keep our waterways clean!

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