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Limited Edition Lucky Skull Ring - Embroidered Snapback Hat

  • $ 25.00

Haunt your own head! With our new embroidered snapback hat. Using The Authentic Yupoong Snapback, you'll love the classic fit and style of this cursed curiosity. And with the embroidered LXC logo, people will know exactly where you acquired this all-powerful accessory!

Order now and receive a FREE Lucky Skull Ring vinyl sticker.

Imagine your friends’ shock when, in the dark of night, your face transforms into a ghastly visage and your entire body begins to glow with an unholy hell-fire! Both mystical and mysterious, the Lucky Skull Ring’s power is undeniably irresistible. It’s sinister! It’s awful! It’s lucky! And it’s only available from LCC Novelties. The Lucky Skull Ring line is available and shipping now! Pledge No COD’s, Creeps! (Unless, of course, you mean Certificate of Death!)

Be the first on your block to summon the powers of deadliest darkness, and don’t delay: Order the Lucky Skull Ring line…TODAY!

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