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Help Me! - Soft Enamel Pin - Your Choice of Styles!

  • $ 7.00

TERROR HAS NO SHAPE...but you sure as hell will with our latest pin, which pays tribute to everyone's favorite pink, amorphous nightmare from beyond the stars: THE BLOB! That's right, can scream, you can beg, and you can avoid laundry day if you buy more than one...but when THE BLOB comes to town, you're all doomed!
Chuck Russell's gristly and goopy 1988 reimagining of the 1958 classic is one of our favorite sci-fi/horror creature features--rife with impressive effects, insidious government agencies, and Kevin Dillon's hair--and we're proud to wear pink in celebration of this unstoppable, insatiable menace.

All Lunar Crypt pins come with 2 posts and rubber stops for a secure fit.

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